ISIS promises freebies to lure women, reality is different

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London, June 20: Islamic State (ISIS) militants tried to lure women by offering freebies like cash bonuses, cheap bus travel and other benefits, media reported.

ISIS militant Omar Hussain tried to lure women to the country with promises of state benefits, cash bonuses, cheap bus travel and protection from airstrikes, The Daily Mail reported.

ISIS promises freebies to lure women

Omar Hussain a former security guard at Morrisons supermarket left UK last year to join ISIS in Syria.

"It is safe for 'sisters' to come to Syria," said Hussain.

"Syria has been wrongly portrayed as a 'war-torn country with bombs dropping every day and dead bodies lying on the streets," added Hussain.

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Hussain, 28, attempted to influence foreigners to Syria by writing bizarre blog posts where he portrays life under IS's brutal regime as peaceful.

ISIS has sought to promote an image of the 'good life' in Raqa with videos showing roads teeming with cars, markets full of customers and streets being repaved with cement.

Raqqa was the first provincial capital in Syria to fall from regime control when rebels seized it in March 2013.

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