ISIS video: Four Shiite fighters burnt alive by militants

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Baghdad, Aug 31: A grisly video has emerged purporting to show four Iraqi Shiite fighters being burned alive by the Islamic State (ISIS) militants, media reported on Monday.

The victims - identified as fighters in the pro-government Popular Mobilization forces from southern Iraq - were suspended from a swing set by chains attached to their hands and feet, then set on fire.

ISIS burns 4 Iraqi Shiite fighters

According to media reports, these fighters were burnt alive in revenge for the alleged burning of four men by pro-government forces.

"Now retribution has come, for today, we will attack them as they attacked us, and punish them as they punished us," a masked militant says in the video, which was not dated and did not say where the burnings took place.

The video included a clip said to show a Sunni man suspended over a fire while still alive as pro-government forces look on, and another of famous Shiite fighter Abu Azrael ("Father of the Angel of Death") slicing a piece of flesh off a burned corpse with a sword.

ISIS has carried out a slew of atrocities in territory it controls in Iraq and Syria, such as mass executions and a campaign of killings, kidnapping and rape targeting minorities.

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It has recorded many killings - including beheadings, shootings, drownings and burnings - in videos posted online.

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