ISIS militants kidnap 127 children in Iraq’s Mosul

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Baghdad, Sept 10: At least 127 children have been kidnaped by the Islamic State (ISIS) militants in their stronghold in Iraq, media reported.

According to reports, these kidnapped children aged 11-15 years have been taken to jihad camps for a training on the use of weapons and implementation of terrorist operations.

ISIS kidnaps 127 children in Iraq

ISIS has termed children fighters as "Cub of the Caliphate".

'ISIS had kidnapped hundreds of children during the last period, and they were trained to carry out suicide operations,' an official was quoted as saying.

According to Daily Mail, boys as young as five were trained to become killers in the training camps of ISIS.

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ISIS earlier released chilling videos of training camps meant for children and beheading of a Syrian army officer by a young boy.

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