ISIS militants hug two gay men before stoning them to death in Syria

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London, April 24: Images of Islamic State (ISIS) militants giving hug to two homosexual blindfolded men have been circulating on the social networking sites since Friday afternoon.

Both the alleged homosexual men were stoned to death after being embraced by the militants.

ISIS militants hug gay men

According to media reports, victims were posing as gay men in a bid to trap victims. They were executed after ISIS militants accused them of being a gay couple.

These images were taken in ISIS-held territory in Homs province of Syria, The Independent reported on Friday.

The sequence of four images begin by showing two blindfolded men standing side-by-side in a desert clearing while a group of ISIS gather alongside the on motorbikes.

One of the two victims - who has curly hair, a thick beard and wears a black leather biker jacket - appears resigned to his fate as one of his soon-to-killers shoulders rests his hand of his shoulder.

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A second shot shows a close-up of the killers embracing the men and apparently forgiving them.

A huge crowd of young men and boys gathered in the desert clearing to watch the atrocity take place can be seen in the third image.

In the last image battered bodies of the two victims were seen lying on the ground as a group of at least four ISIS executioners stand over them, raining down rocks.

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