ISIS jihadis are asked these 23 questions for recruitment

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London, March 10: Being an ISIS jihadist is not easy and these 23 questions prove it. A group of leaked surveys given to jihadis joining the group show how rigorous their recruitment drive is.

Sky News, which has got hold of such forms and 22,000 candidates reveals the details that are being shared, which include the following:


1. Name
2. Fighter name
3. Mother's maiden name
4. Blood type
5. DOB and nationality
6. Marriage status
7. Address and place of residence
8. Level of education
9. Level of Sharia understanding
10. Previous job
11. Countries travelled through
12. Area entered from
13. Who recommended
14. Date of entry
15. Have they fought before
16. What role will they take
17. Any special skills
18. Current place of work
19. Security deposit
20: Level of obedience
21: Contact numbers
22: Date and place of death
23: Notes

It has also been revealed that people from 51 countries have joined the recruitment drive. Apart from UK, members from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Moroccan, and Egypt. The forms showing the 23-question survey were written in Arabic and were previously published online by Zaman Al Wasl, a pro opposition Syrian news website.

The form also lists some of the famous jihadis like Britons Abdel Bary from London, Junaid Hussain and Reyaad Khan from Cardiff and also those who have been martyred.

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