"Where is my Yazidi girl?" video shows ISIS's naked truth in slave market

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Baghdad, Nov 4: The video sends chills down the spine when an ISIS militant speaks of buying and selling Yazidi girl and the others jeer haughtily for a 'game' they expect to arrive in minutes.

The loathing intensifies when a fighter cries out,"the price differs if she has blue eyes." Another said,"today is the distribution day, god willing each one takes his share. We can then do whatever we want with them."

Although the video posted by the AIAan TV cannot be authenticated, it is clear that IS fighters are talking about slave girls. The video appears to be shot on a mobile.

Shockingly, the militants can also be heard buying girls in exchange for guns and "a glock". Tens and thousands from the Yazidi faith have been driven out from their homes to Mount Sinjar in Iraq, before international efforts were launchd to rescue them.

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