Is the Pak army using Imran Khan to get back at Nawaz Sharif?

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Is the Pak army getting back at Sharif
Islamabad, Sept 2: While cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan is up against the Nawaz Sharif-led Pakistan government, reports suggest that Khan plotted with the Pakistani army to topple the Pakistani government.

According to a report in The Telegraph UK (read here) Khan's party president said that Khan was coordinating anti-government protests with the Pak army's help. This soon caused a sensation in the country, with Khan denying such allegations.

However the story doesn't end here. With the continuous ceasefire violations and the Pakistani Army's involvement in the on-going crisis, a new theory emerges that says that actually the Pakitani army is behind the protests in Pakistan. The reason- Nawaz Sharif's proximity with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Experts believe that Pak Army may be threatened to give away its power to the government. Even as the protests began in the country, the Pak army did nothing to stop the protests. It instead played the role of a mediator urging Khan's party and Sharif to hold talks.

What is interesting that though Nawaz Sharif first had invited Khan to have a dialogue, Khan refused the offer. But once the army stepped in and made an empathic call for a dialogue, Khan accepted the offer; making it seem like Khan was waiting for the army's approval.

By the looks of it, both (the government and the Pak army) have a different approach to India.

So it is unclear who is actually feeling threatened? Whether it is the Pak army getting back at Sharif or Khan who sees a huge opportunity to his career, unless talks are initiated between both the parties, the protests are likely to go on.


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