IS chief Baghdadi is alive and rearing to march to Palmyra

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Sana'a (Yemen), May 15: An audio tape released by the ISIS with a message from its chief, Abu Bakr-Al Baghdadi confirms that he is still alive.

Analysis of the audio message done by various agencies who have heard the tape confirm that it is infact the voice of Baghdadi on whom there are conflicting reports.

ISIS chief Bhagadadi is alive

The Iran radio had reported recently that Baghdadi was dead while others said that he was badly injured in an air strike. However the news that is confirmed now is that Baghdadi is alive, but injured very badly.

Talk about Yemen:

The fact that the message by Baghdadi refers to Yemen has made analysts believe that it is a recent clip. The ISIS is relatively a new entrant into the Yemen market and has been trying to seize some ground from the Al-Qaeda.

In the message while Baghdadi calls for a renewed fight in Yemen, he also has a message to all Muslims across the world to follow the Caliphate. He once again speaks about the battle in Iraq and Syria and tells the Muslims that only the ISIS caliphate can attain victory.

ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi hit by spinal injury, say reports

However, analysts are more interested in his wordings about Yemen. There is no doubt that the ISIS has made its entry into Yemen. However the war in Yemen for the ISIS has not gone as it would have expected. Clearly the Houthi Shia rebels are being beaten down by the Saudi air strikes and this has in fact put the Al-Qaeda in a better position.

Many have mocked Saudi and called them the airforce of the Al-Qaeda. Further it has been witnessed that once the Saudis completed the bombing of Houthi bases, it was the Al-Qaeda which seized the ground and is doing all the policing there.

ISIS needed to act fast:

The past couple of weeks have not really been favourable for the ISIS. First the rumour of Baghdadi's death and then his injury has not augured too well for them. The fact is that Baghdadi is injured badly on his spine and is unable to lead the battle.

He had even appointed his second in command, Abu Afri, a former physics teacher to lead the battle. However two days back Afri was reportedly killed in a battle, the Iraq government confirmed. Such news does more harm to the ISIS and this could well result in the fighters losing out steam.

ISIS: 28 soldiers, 20 militants killed in Syria

This message by Baghdadi was meant to instill vigour among the fighters and knowing that their leader is alive only energises them further. The ISIS is fighting very crucial battles as of now and their march to the UNSESCO World Heritage site of Palmyra which is an archaeological jewel of Middle East is considered to be a major move.

The ISIS has sworn to march to this heritage site and would need its fighters to be at their best. Dampening news of injuries and deaths would always put the fighters on the back foot. Hence this audio message was released in a hurry only with an intention of re-assuring the fighters that their supreme leader is very much alive.

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