Indians abducted in Libya: A nightmare that ended

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Tripoli, Aug 1: For the two teachers from Karnataka who were abducted allegedly by the ISIS and then released, it was the end of a nightmare. Mulbagal Vijaykumar of Bangarpet and Lakshmikanth Ramakrishna from Raichur managed to return to their university safely.

The Ministry of External Affairs which has been working on this issue since yesterday is confident that the other two teachers, Gopikrishna of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh and Balram from Hyderabad too would return safely

A nightmare in Libya that ended

No demands were made

The ISIS is being suspected for the abduction. The abductors have not made any claim or demand. None are sure as to why the abductors took the four Indians captive. However Libya has seen a host of such abductions ever since the ISIS became stronger.

The Sirte town in Libya has been witnessing the rise of the ISIS. The Indian establishment had warned all its citizens to leave Libya as evacuation operations had become extremely difficult. India has so far managed to evacuate 14,000 Indians out of Libya.

The ISIS has been abducting Indians not just in Libya but in Iraq as well. Never has any demand been made openly by the outfit. Even the cases of the nurses who were abducted and released there was never known ransom demand made by the group.

Meanwhile the families of the abducted Indians hailing from Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh have had their share of tense moments. They have been assured about the safety of the abducted members and told that they will return home soon. However yesterday there was a lot of confusion as to who was released.

Creating a safe route

With so much violence and several outfits battling each other, abductions are not always related to demands or ransom, security experts say. At times they use the abducted persons as human shields to pass through a difficult territory. After that it done they normally send such persons back.

In other cases, the abducted persons are used as a weapon to force governments to talk. Most governments would buckle to ensure the safety of their citizens. The terrorist groups hold people hostage and then hand them over once a demand is fulfilled.

No word as yet on 39 Indians

The mystery regarding the 39 Indians who were abducted in Iraq is still unknown. The Government has repeatedly said that all of them are safe, but has not spelt out any more details other than this. The families of these persons have been approaching the government every now and then.

The government has been giving them assurances that their family members would return. It has been over a year since the 39 persons were abducted by the ISIS and their affiliated groups in Iraq.

There has been no communication on this front for nearly 4 months now. The government assures that it has been talking on this issue and is confident that all would return safe. The militants have not harmed or killed any of these persons, the MHA has assured the families.

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