Indian students to be affected as Britain unveils new visa rules

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London, July 14: Indian students studying in Britain will be among affected as country has unveiled new visa rules for non-European Union (EU) students.

According to new visa rule, non-EU students will not be allowed to work during their study, The Independent reported.

Britain unveils new visa rules

Foreign students will also be asked to leave the country once they finish their study. The new visa rule has been unveiled by Theresa May, the Home Secretary.

The new visa rule has been framed to deal with visa fraud in the UK.

Non-EU students, accounted for 121,000 immigrants last year. Only 51,000 of those foreign students left the UK, leaving a net influx of 70,000 and Mrs May pointed to these figures to defend her efforts for the stricter rules.

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The new rules will be presented to MPs next week. If approved, students from outside the EU will have to leave the UK before applying for a work visa if they want to return to the countr

Home Secretary wants stop immigrants using colleges as a "back door to a British visa".

She has also banned 870 "bogus colleges" from accepting foreign students.

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