Indian-origin man's machete attacker jailed for life in UK

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London, Sept 11: The attacker of an Indian-origin UK dentist who nearly had his hand severed in a brutal "racially- motivated" machete attack in Wales was today jailed for life.

Dr Sarandev Bhambra, 25, was out shopping during lunchtime in the town of Mold, southwest Britain, when Zack Davies attacked him with a machete and hammer in an "unprovoked, racially-motivated attack", Mold Crown Court was told. 26-year-old Davies was told he must serve a minimum of 14 years behind bars without any chance of parole before then.

Indian-origin man's attacker jailed

Judge Rhys Rowlands said, "Zack Davies, you subjected (Dr Bhambra) to a dreadful and sustained attack. Blows were aimed at his head.

You were shouting 'white power'. He desperately tried to get away from you. There were shoppers in the store, some with children. One can only imagine the sheer terror you subjected to the victim".

During the trial, the court heard Bhambra had been walking down an aisle in the store on January 14 when he felt a "huge blow" to the back of his head from the 12-inch machete. The attack left Bhambra with two deep cuts to his scalp and another to his back, which went down to the muscle.

An injury to his left hand caused major nerve, artery and tendon damage, leaving him in need of surgery for five hours. The trial heard items associated with white supremacy and Nazism were found at Davies' home, including banners, swastika badges and Combat 18 stickers.

Davies' also said he was "absolutely fascinated" with the Islamic State (IS) terror group and described the British Muslim terrorist known as Jihadi John as his inspiration. Davies is believed to have sought revenge for the murder of Lee Rigby, the British soldier hacked to death on the streets of London by Islamist terrorists in May, 2013.

Bhambra read out a statement at the end of the sentencing calling for further investigations into attacks on minority communities by "neo-Nazis who pose a threat to the UK's non-white citizens". He said, "This was a white supremacist who tried to kill me because of my ethnicity.

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While Zack Davies has been convicted for trying to kill me, I am convinced the background behind the incident has not been fully explored on why I was targeted.

"In my opinion, had this attempted murder been committed by a non-white the media and the investigating authorities would have dealt with this as an act of terrorism. He (Davies) is a coward.

He attacked me from behind and tried to behead me. By the grace of God I remained conscious and was able to defend myself. It is abhorrent that he has claimed that he tried to kill me in Lee Rigby's honour," he said.


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