India, Pakistan was to sign Kashmir deal in 2007, claims ex-envoy

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New Delhi, Oct 17: An ex-envoy has revealed that during a secret negotiation with India, Pakistan agreed to sign Kashmir deal and not to redrew borders in 2007.

Satinder Lambah, special envoy of then Prime Minister Manmohan Singha has claimed that domestic turmoil in Pakistan that led to Pervez Musharaff's removal became hurdle in signing the deal.

India, Pak was to sign Kashmir deal

"What we were working on, agreed there would be no reference to the United Nations resolution or a plebiscite in Kashmir. Both sides had agreed that borders cannot be redrawn," said Lambah.

According to reports, many Pakistani leaders, who may have been privy to the agreement, said that India had agreed to the demilitarisation of Kashmir. But Lambah said, "We had agreed to the reduction of military troops, not paramilitary and that was subject to Pakistan ensuring an end to hostilities, violence and terrorism."

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According to Lambah, the deal was a "win-win for Pakistan, India and the people of Jammu and Kashmir" and can be the basis for all governments, including the present one led by Narendra Modi.

The agreement focused on the cessation of all hostilities and terrorism, a joint mechanism for socio-economic subjects only and an understanding that like all Indian states, Jammu and Kashmir too would have autonomy in respect to revenue, finance and law and order, he said.

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