India not involved in proxy war in Balochistan, says political activist Karima Baloch

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New Delhi, Sept 19: The real face of Pakistan and its army have been revealed. Pakistan has always accused India of supporting violence in the troubled south-western province of Balochistan.

In an interview with, Karima Baloch, chairperson of the Baloch Student Organization-Azad (BSO-Azad) said that civilians including women and children were attacked and tortured mercilessly by the Pakistan army.

We never got support from India, Karima

"Pakistan army invade houses of civilians, throw missiles on children who try to hide themselves by taking shelters on tree," said Baloch.

"They do not even spare children. They only intend to crush the entire Baloch generation,"said Karima.

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"The Pakistan government has become a puppet of the army in the country. Everyone in Pakistan is united against Baloch generation and they want to crush them," added she.

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