Independence or not? Scotland's historic referendum to be held tomorrow

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Glasgow, Sept 17: Nearly 4.3 million Scottish citizens will give their votes on Thursday to decide whether Scotland would emerge as an independent country outside the United Kingdom. With 97 per cent of the people having registered to vote in the referendum, the turnout is expected to be huge.

The impact of the referendum is most likely to leave a big impact on the Scottish people, its economy and the relation with its immediate neighbours. While those favouring the independence of Scotland believe the steps would revive its economy and social policies, those against it think Scotland will enjoy greater financial and legal powers if they continue to be a part of the 307-year-old union.

Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron has been trying his best to avoid the division. Fuelling the sentiments, he said Great Britain is a family and the British live like a happy family and are proud about Scotland, which has given birth to a number of sons and daughters who are pride of the UK.

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