In pics: Soak yourself in carnival spirit with SAMBA in Brazil

If it is carnival time, Brazilians have to dance to the tunes of samba.

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Brazil is synonymous with Samba, especially during the annual carnival hosted every year in the country. This year was no different -- in spite of the soccer-loving nation reeling under an economic crisis--Brazilians enjoyed the festivities to the fullest. On February 24, the five-day long Carnival Rio kicked-off in Rio de Janerio, the capital city.

The best part about the carnival is the samba dance. Those gorgeous women in colourful attire with their typical body movements are sight to be witnessed and enjoyed.

Here we bring you a few pictorial glimpses from the colourful festival-high on fun element.

Can you dance like us?

Dressed in colourful costumes, performers from the Salgueiro samba school parade during Carnival celebrations at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Monday

Picture credit: PTI


It’s party time

Thousands took to the streets in open-air ‘bloco' parties ahead of Rio's carnival celebration of joy last week

Picture credit: PTI


Fun way to protest against Trump

A couple seen wearing a ‘Mexican-Trump Wall' costume during the Cordao do Boitata or Fire Serpent carnival street party in Rio de Janeiro

Picture credit: PTI


Blow a trumpet, musically

Musicians serenade revellers by playing music during the Guanabara Pearl carnival

Picture credit: PTI


Grand view of festivities

Huge crowd gathered to enjoy grand themes and floats showcased during the carnival

Picture credit: Mirella @Mirellativegal


Brazil means fun

It's only in Brazil where you can find thousands of fun-loving people under one roof enjoying music and dance

Picture credit: Mirella @Mirellativegal


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