In Pics: Russian fisherman's BIZZARE nightmare creatures from the deep

Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov has recently caught some strange and unusual marine creatures that have surprised many.

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Ever wondered what secrets lie within the deep sea where no human usually wanders. Well, a Russian deep-sea fisherman seems to have unraveled the mysteries of the deep sea with his recent catch.

Murmansk based deep sea fisherman Roman Fedortsov has baffled people with images of his recent catch. Fedortsov has been posting pictures of deep sea creatures on his Twitter and Facebook.

Several of these fish have big unsually big eyes and terryfying teeth. While most of his catch is black in colour, there are some bright coloured creatures too.

Here are some images taken from his Twitter feed:

Deep sea fish with glowing eyes

Roman Fedortsov posted images of the deep sea creatures like the one above on his Twitter, Facebook and Flickr account.

This was identified as a Grenadier

This pink-coloured fish with big bulging eyes was identified as the Grenadier, also known as rattails.

Sharp teeth seen on this Scabbardfish

According to Roman Fedortsov, this fish is called as the scabbardfish. It has really sharp and pointed teeth.

Photos of such fish have baffled everyone

These fish live deep underwater where there is hardly any light penetration.

This is what nightmares are made of

Roman Fedortsov began sharing the pictures of his unsual catch earlier this year and soon caught the fancy of many people.

Giant orange deep sea spider

Roman Fedortsov holds a giant orange deep sea spider in his palm.

Unraveling the mystery of deep sea

Some of Fedortsov's catch have left him stunned as well like this huge blue-coloured fish.

Jaws of death or jaws of deep sea?

This terrifying fish was also among one of those captured by Roman Fedortsov.

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