In good shape to go against Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump

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Washington, Apr 21: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump today exuded confidence that he will earn the party's nomination for the November elections and said he is in a "good shape" to go against "crooked" Hillary Clinton.

"It has been a very tough battle. I was being hit from every angle on every side. And I had to be very tough coming back. I mean, there is no question about that. I had to be very, very tough. And in some cases I had to be very nasty," Trump told Fox News in an interview.

In good shape to go against Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump

Now it looks like we are in very good shape to go, you know, right to the end and then I will take on as I say crooked Hillary. Hillary is crooked. I call it crooked Hillary. But I will take on Hillary Clinton and I think we are going to win. I think we are going to win," said Trump who appeared to be oozing with confidence after his massive victory in New York primary.

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Trump bagged 89 of the 95 delegates at stake in New York and is currently way ahead of his nearest rival Senator Ted Cruz from Texas in the delegate count.

The real estate tycoon from New York said that he would be able to defeat Hillary Clinton in the November presidential elections, "Yes. Yes. A lot of people think I will beat her. A lot of people think I will put states into play that will never be in play like I will win Michigan. No other Republican is going to even compete in Michigan, I'll win Pennsylvania. I will win states that nobody else and guess what, I am going to win New York."

In another interview to NBC News, Trump said people of the country would vote for him because of his policies.

"When people see that I'm going to bring jobs back to this country, when they see that I'm going to strengthen up the military, when they see that I'm going to have strong borders like nobody else can have and we will build a wall. And Mexico will pay for the wall, by the way. But when they see that we're getting rid of Obamacare, which is a total disaster and we're going to be replacing it with something good," he said.

"When they see we're going to get rid of Common Core, which is also, likewise, a total catastrophe, and we're bringing education locally, so it can be run by local communities and the parents of the children. And it's going to be wonderful and beautiful and much better," he said.


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