Imran Khan, Pakistan government sit over Sharif impasse

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Imran Khan
Islamabad, Aug 21:After weeks of rallies and protests outside the Pakistan Parliament, Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, or PTI has finally been able to negotiate the crisis that threatens Nawaz Sharif's 14-month old government.

Several government ministers, along with negotiators met the Khan and his party at the Mariott Hotel in the early hours of Thursday. The government will analyse and examine PTI's six-point demand before beginning talks.

Meanwhile, PM Sharif is expected to address Pakistan's National Assembly later in the day.

The six-pointers placed by the PTI include "PM Sharif and his brother Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, installation of an interim government, electoral reforms prior to fresh elections, re-elections for all assemblies, bringing culprits of alleged 2013 vote fraud to book and an audit of the government's expenses."

Prior to the meeting, Khan addressed his followers saying " Mr Sharif must go before he would participate in negotiations. To that end, he said he was even ready to sleep alone in a container."

However, dropping the idea of storming the PM's residence if he did not resign, Khan said,""I thought I would take you all to the Prime Minister's house today. (But) his heart is already in bad shape. If I ask my followers to go in that direction and he has heart attack - I cannot do that".

Reports suggest that Khan backtracked after the Army suggested a political solution to the crisis. A tweet from military spokesman General Asim Bajwa has called upon stakeholders to resolve impasse through "dialogue in larger national and public interest."

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