If Hillary becomes president, what Bill Clinton will be called?

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Washington, June 8: Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton created history on Tuesday (June 7) after she secured the Democratic nomination in the ongoing presidential primaries.

She became the first woman presidential nominee for a major party in the US since 1788, when the first presidential election was held. She clinched the nomination on the final Super Tuesday following the decisive victories in the New Jersey and New Mexico primaries.

 Bill’s title if Hillary becomes prez?

Now, if Hillary indeed goes on to become the next US president succeeding Barack Obama, what will be her husband and former US president Bill Clinton be called?

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In fact, Bill, who served as the president between 1992-2000, will also create history by becoming the first former president to be a presidential spouse.

Jokes are doing the rounds about the male Clinton be called the "First Man" or "First Dude." Or will be called the "First Gentleman" just like the wives of the presidents are known to be "First Lady"?

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