Ideological split in terror groups as Pakistan Taliban questions ISIS

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Islamabad, May 29: A major division in the world of terror over ideology could well turn out to be a blessing in disguise for security agencies across the world. There is a clear divide today in the world of terror and this is largely a result of the brutal ways of the ISIS.

While the Al-Qaeda has already distanced itself from the ISIS, another outfit, believe it, the Tehrik-e-Taliban or the Pakistan Taliban too has termed the ISIS to be too brutal. Announcing that it is distancing itself from the ISIS, the TTP which appeared to be the natural partner has written a lengthy essay on why it disapproves of these brutal ways.


There is no doubt that the ISIS is today the strongest, most brutal and influential terror groups in the world. While there is a lot of clamour among the youth to join the ISIS, several terror groups such as the Al-Qaeda and the TTP have come forward and condemned the outfit.

ISIS will end up uniting Shias:

The essay written by the members of the TTP have termed the ISIS to be too destructive and aggressive. A similar statement had been made by the Al-Qaeda in Iraq before it parted ways with the ISIS. The TTP while rejecting the declaration of the Caliphate by the ISIS said that the manner in which the ISIS is going will only have a disastrous result in the years to come.

The TTP argues that the mindless destruction of shrines by the ISIS is not the right way to go. There are targeted attacks on shrines belonging to the minorities and the Shias which is a bad sign. Such acts will only increase the resolve of the minorities and the Shias and they will unite to become a strong force, the TTP has argued.

While the Sharia law permits the blowing up of Shrines and also antiques that are polytheist, the ISIS must bear in mind that this is not the priority. This kind of action will only end up uniting the Shias and the minorities which will have a bad effect.

The TTP goes a step ahead in interpreting what the Prophet had to say about the reduction of enemies. The TTP feels that the actions of the ISIS is only adding enemies. Prophet had said that the number of enemies should be reduced, but such actions by the ISIS is only adding to the number of enemies.

Leaning towards the Al-Qaeda:

The TTP is desperate to expand its battle. It realizes that it needs to be with groups which are well versed with the issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hence in the essay it praises the Al-Qaeda and also gives a thumbs up Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

In terms of leadership the TTP prefers a Zawahiri to an Al-Bhagdadi. There are various indirect references made to the leadership skills of Zawahiri and the essay also points out that such skills are needed in the long run.

A group with the TTP which had parted ways however continues to be supportive of the ISIS. This faction had announced its support to the ISIS around 5 months back and it is they who are building up the outfit in the Afghan region. The ISIS too is looking for prospective partners in the Afghan region and is trying to bank on the splits within various groups to build its operation.

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