How India is pushing for a global war on terror?

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San Jose, Sept 28: The 3rd edition of the India-Africa Forum Summit to be held between October 26 and 30 will be an important one. With 40 leaders from Africa scheduled to take part in it the focus would be largely on fighting terror.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is expected to have a hectic schedule will hold a dialogue with each of these leaders during the four day summit.


The focus would be on seeking the early adoption of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism, negotiations of which have been pending since 1996.

The Prime Minister would seek support from the African leaders for the adoption of the CCIT at the United Nations. Modi would push for the early adoption as terrorism is a challenge for both India and the African nations.

Terror needs to be defined:

Prime Minister Modi has made several statements in a bid to adopt the CCIT in the UN early. During his meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan, Modi had discussed the issue of CCIT.

Now the Prime Minister will take up the issue with the African nations in a bid to make the war against terror global.

Modi has repeatedly said that the CCIT needs to be passed and there is an urgent need to delink terrorism from religion. The adoption of the CCIT would define terrorism, he had also said.

Modi realizes the importance of taking up the issue with the African nations which faces a dire problem of terrorism.

Africa has been hit by a wave of terrorism from groups such as the Boko Haram and the al-Qaeda. The Boko Haram has in fact tied up with the ISIS which continues to be a global threat affecting almost every nation including India.

Cooperation on terrorism:

Modi feels that the war on terror today cannot be waged by individual nations alone. The ISIS for instance runs a global agenda. Operating out of Syria and Iraq, the ISIS poses problems to the rest of the world. Hence this war cannot be fought individually by nations and the need for global cooperation arises.

Keeping the threat of global terror in mind, the Prime Minister feels that there is a need to engage all nations. The talks with the African nations will be crucial.

It would be a historic meet as the Prime Minister will engage with 40 leaders of the African nations. While discussing a host of other issues, the Prime Minister would however focus largely on terrorism and the global war against it.

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