How about doing ‘goat yoga’, this Yoga Day? We’re not kidding, it’s real

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India gifted yoga to the world and the US, 'goat yoga'. Yes, we are not kidding. Goat yoga is fast becoming America's favourite fitness mantra.

The new workout programme is spreading like a 'viral disease' across the US and lovers of the ancient Indian form of wellness and exercise are heading to farms to have a first-hand experience of it.

goat yoga

During every class, yoga students are accompanied by a set of 15-20 goats, all reared in farms of the countryside. The new workout involves only Nigerian Dwarf goats -- miniature goats of West African origin.

Now, you must be wondering what exactly happens in these classes.

Goat yoga is almost similar to your regular yoga, except that goats turn into yogis and are often seen standing on the back of their human partners. So, these yoga sessions are little dangerous, as yoga lovers often sustain minor injuries and cuts as these friendly goats love to jump on humans.

In spite of all these risks, people are queuing up for goat yoga classes.

Those who attended goat yoga session said that it was usually "fun-filled". They added that the animals were very adorable, although at times they love to chew human hair.

The most important thing about goat yoga is that the animals are therapeutic and help to release all stress.

As we are all set to celebrate the International Yoga Day on Wednesday (June 21), let's all head to some farm and have some 'bone-breaking' exercise with the innocuous goats.

Watch this video to get an idea about goat yoga:

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