ISIS horrible act: Militants blow up 4-year-old boy

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London, Jan 6: A four-year-old boy has been executed by the Islamic State (ISIS) by using a remote controlled device in Iraq, media reported.

ISIS militants attached bomb to the boy in a way 'that his organs would be blown apart. They used a remote controlled device to detonate the bomb in al-Shirqat district, reported the Daily Mail on Tuesday.

ISIS blows up 4-year-old boy

The minor was executed a week after his father was executed for allegedly killing two ISIS militants.

The execution of this minor reported days after a British boy, Isa Dare appeared in one of the execution videos threatening to 'kill kuffar.

ISIS is said to have controlled the Al-Shirqat district, considered one of its strongholds, since last June.

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Dozens of people including old, women and children have been executed by the ISIS.

ISIS militants have developed a brutal reputation for their unimaginable levels of cruelty and violence. They consider execution videos as extension of their terrorism activities.

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