Hong Kong: Son butchers parents, cooks them

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Hong Kong, Aug 7: In a henious crime, which is any no one's capacity to explain, a son and his friend butchered his parents in Hong Kong, cooked them and packed them in lunchboxes.

The severed heads of 62 year old Siu Yuet-yee and 65 year old Chau Wing-Ki were found in the refrigerator of their bloodied house, days after they were reported missing.

The rest of their remains were found in a dustbin packed in lunchboxes after being salted and cooked with rice. The idea struck the duo when they ran out of space in their refrigerator.

30-year-old Henry Chau, son of the victims, pleaded not guilty to both counts of murder on Wednesday, when he and alleged accomplice Tse Chun-kei appeared on the second day of the trial before a packed court.

According to a daily in South China, Chau pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsiblity on Tuesday, while Tse, 36, denied both counts of murder.

Now, both have admitted to their crimes, but insist that it was a heat of the moment reaction. Prosecutors, however, allege that the murmders were b‌eing planned for months as they were buying knives, refrigerators, microwave ovens and a rice cooker.

Chau has earlier said that his parents were out on a holiday to mainland China, but admitted his crime on an Internet messaging group. He also called himself a psychopath, blaming his childhood and adulthood for the same.

He further claimed that he planned to mislead the police with the lunchboxes in order to buy himself some time to say goodbye to friends.

"My murdering partner and I were planning to make it a missing person case and dump the body piece by piece," he said in a group message.

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