Hillary Clinton queen of corruption: Donald Trump

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Washington, Aug 6: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday (Aug 5) attacked his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton by calling her 'queen of corruption' and predicted "destruction of this country from within" if she is elected as the president. [Trump calls Hillary 'devil']

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"We're going to be talking about the queen of corruption," Trump said at election rally in Des Moines Iowa. [Hillary blasts Trump for "absolute alligance" to Russia]

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"If Hillary Clinton becomes president you will have, you will have terrorism, you will have problems, you will have, really, in my opinion, the destruction of this country from within," Trump told a cheering crowd as he launched another scathing attack on his Democratic rival. [Don't you have a sense of decency, Warren Buffet asks Trump]

Clinton, 68, has been leading in all national polls for the past one week. If elected, she would be the first woman president of the United States.

"She's pretty close to unhinged and you've seen it...she is like an unbalanced person," Trump alleged.

Over the past several months, Trump has been attacking Clinton by using different words like "crooked" and "devil".

Trump had earlier called Hillary a monster

Another rally Friday night in Wisconsin, Trump alleged that Clinton is a monster.

"In one way, she's a monster. In another way, she's a weak person. She's actually not strong enough to be president. So she's got both," he alleged.

"She will be a disaster. She will be so bad for our country and we can't let it happen," Trump said.


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