Eight years after failure, Hillary Clinton makes history

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Washington, June 8: Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton became the first woman presidential nominee for a major party in the US since 1788, when the first US presidential election was held.

Clinton, who missed out the feat in 2008 after losing the nomination race to Barack Obama, the incumbent president, ensured her nomination with the victory in the New Jersey primary.

hillary clinton

Even if Clinton doesn't succeed in becoming the president from here as the anti-incumbency against the Democrats and the rise of a phenomenon called Donald Trump might pose a difficulty to her, but her nomination is nothing less than history.

Clinton's nomination would mark a U-turn from a political culture where not many women are seen in governance. Besides over 80 per cent of the members of the US House of Representatives, over 75 per cent of the state legislators and 88 per cent of the governors are men.

Studies also show that when a women assumes a high office, it leads to a trickle-down effect with more women feeling inspired to enter the lower bodies. A women at the helm could also mean more significance will be attached to social issues like child care, women's health etc.

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