Hillary Clinton certain to contest the 2016 US polls: Aides

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Washington, Sept 24: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has hinted at her willingness to contest the presidential election in 2016. Speaking to a US magazine, the former First Lady said she has a good understanding of the challenges that leaders face and that she will back values and policies that she think will suit the country.

The ambiguity was cleared by her aides and political analysts who felt that Clinton wasn't denying the possibility of contesting the polls as she had done a few times in the past. One aide said that it was a mind game continuing at the moment. "In her mind, she's running for it, and she's also convinced herself she hasn't made up her mind. She's going to run for president. It's a foregone conclusion," the aide was quoted as saying.

For India, the news of Hillary Clinton running for the presidential poll is a welcome one for if she wins, her presidency will coincide with a new government in New Delhi and given the warm relation that the former shares with the Indian circles, there is more reason for New Delhi to feel happy about Clinton's running for the top post.

The news is certainly a good one for India which shares a warm relation with her

India's warm relation with Clinton goes back to 1995 when she made a breakthrough visit during the first term of Bill Clinton, her husband, as the president of the US. She also visited India in other capacities in latter years. Last year, she even met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata as the US Secretary of State. She stepped down from the position in February this year and was replaced by John Kerry.

Sources in Washington DC said Clinton opted out of President Barack Obama's cabinet to prepare for the 2016 polls, which will require enormous coverage. Clinton will be 69 in 2016 and if she wins, she will be the oldest to become the country's president after Ronald Reagan.

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