'He Didn't Want to Go to School,' father grieves over his body

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Peshawar, Dec 17: As parents scout through the innumerable little bodies, bloodied by the Taliban attack, one particular man cries uncontrollably uttering 'He Didn't Want to Go to School'.

Holding his head in grief, he said,"It was god's will. He did not want to go to school as he had a headache. How would I know then, that I would be searching for his body all day?" One particular child was shot 9 times, explaining the extent of brutality that has been meted out on children.


In an 8-hour rampage in an Army school and a Degree college, nine gunmen went running from room to room firing indiscriminately and hurling grenades. In a ghory revelation, it was found that 1,100 children were shot on the head and almost the entire 9th grade of the school was wiped out. Meanwhile, in a shameless excuse, a member of the Tehreek-e-Taliban told the media yesterday that they had ordered gunmen to shoot older children and not the younger ones.

One of the parents cried,"They went in uniform, came back in a coffin. There is a funeral procession in every street."

And for fathers like the one above, there would be a deeper sorrow and regret for forcing their children to school that day.

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