Great American ‘Suspense’: Will Donald Trump concede defeat if he loses presidential elections?

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Washington, Nov 9: Within few hours we will know who will be the next President of the United States of America.

However, the final outcome will be announced only in January 2017, after the counting of the electoral votes.

Donald Trump

One question that is creating a great amount of anxiety among the voters and political experts of the nation is--Will Donald Trump concede defeat if he loses the election?

The question has been raised as the Republican presidential nominee had earlier threatened that he would keep the country in "suspense" over whether he would accept the results of the US Presidential Elections 2016.

However, a day later, he told his supporters that he would accept the results if he wins.

Thus we can conclude that Trump is likely to reject the result of November's elections if he loses.

Hardly ever in the history of the US Presidential Elections, the losing candidate had contested the result.

The losing side has always accepted defeat with grace; that is the power of US democracy, say experts.

Political analysts say that even if Trump rejects the results, Clinton will lead the country.

However, such a reaction from the losing opponent is likely to have a great repercussion and cause serious damage to the country.

Experts say supporters of Trump might make it difficult for the Clinton-led government to function normally.

Moreover, Trump camp might resort to violence.

In fact, few Trump supporters had earlier threatened to respond violently, if their candidate did not win.

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