Graveyard digger digs mother's grave, takes selfie with corpse

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Lebanon, Nov 29: In a bizarre incident in Lebanon, a graveyard digger dug up the corpse of his mother and took a selfie with it, according to an MBC TV report. The TV Channel interviewed the man and invited a psychologist to throw some light on his mental condition.

Surprisingly, the doctor found nothing as the man behaved normally and was aware of what he was doing. Deab Saiqly told the doctor that he loved spending time in the graveyard where he feels happiness among the dead.


In fact, he reveals that he rejected a marriage proposal from USA as he did not want to leave the dead. He further added that he often takes selfies with corpses, but stores the pic with his mother only.

He did not show any signs of regret or fear of being questioned by the police.

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