Good karma returns: Sikh man, who removed turban to help a bleeding child, rewarded (Video)

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Wellington, May 25: 22-year-old Harman Singh, a young Sardarji, has become a worldwide phenomenon after his picture of helping a 6-year-old child had become viral on internet. Harman removed his turban to help Daejon Pahia, the child who was hit by a car.

Harman impressed everyone across the world as he kept humanity above religious protocol. Sikh men always wear turban as it represents spirituality, honour and piety. According to their religious protocol, turban should not be removed in public.

[Humanity above religious sentiment: When a Sikh man removed turban to help a bleeding child]

Harman, the young Sardarji who impressed the world

However, Harman kept aside all religious sentiments and removed his turban when he saw Daejon bleeding. He rushed to the accident spot and gave his turban cradling the child's head.

Now, his good karma (the result of a person's actions as well as the actions themselves) returned and rewarded him. After noticing Harman's deed,New Zealand's news channel -- OneNews interviewed him at his home.

After the interview, viewers raised concern about Harman who sleeps on a mattress on the floor. He has only a few plastic chairs at his living room.

Then the news channel decided to take another interview and surprised Harman with a sweet surprise. He was given a lounge suite, a bed and a coffee table.

Harman was speechless when he found the furnitures. He was quoted as saying, "Thank you, thanks a lot. I'm very happy. It's the biggest surprise of my life."

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