God not on my side, said Osama Bin Laden

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Washington, May 21: The Russians would say that God is on their side, but for the AL-Qaeda it was a case of God not being on their side or pure bad luck. The declassified Osama Bin Laden files suggest that the Al-Qaeda had readied a plan to carry out a major attack on the American Embassy in Russia.

However these plans never materialized and Osama Bin Laden while expressing regret says, " it was bad luck and God is not on our side."

Report on external operations:

Among the several 100 documents that were classified Osama Bin Laden is seen writing to his men about planning attacks outside of America. These have been filed as Report of external operations.

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While under this report there are plans for France and Britain, an important part of the file is dedicated to Russia as well. There is a full account by Bin Laden on how a plot being hatched in Russia had failed.

The Bin Laden written memo states that they had sent several of their men to Russia to execute an attack, but it failed.

The Russian plan:

As per the documents, the plan being hatched was to carry out an attack on the American Embassy and also blow up a gas pipe line. Laden makes a mention about a similar plot that he had been hatching for Britain as well.

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He says that the fighters should choose the targets. We have told our brothers to choose targets in Britain and the same should be done in Russia as well, he writes.

However Bin Laden while writing about the failure of the plan also says that there are many reasons for this. First it was plain bad luck and secondly God was not on our side."

Plans for Britain and France:

Even though the much spoke about Al-Qaeda recruitment form had managed to get the outfit the numbers, Bin Laden did not appear entirely happy about the external programmes.

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The external programmes never took off much to the disliking of Bin Laden. He had plans for France, Russia and Britain.

Bin Laden writes, the situation did not go as we had wished. Bin Laden has been doing a lot of reading regarding France. He was studying the French economy and it became clear that he was planning a major attack in that country.

However the larger picture reveals that the plan was to target American interests in foreign countries.

However none of the major plans he had been speaking about materialized and this frustration was clearly seen in the correspondence between Bin Laden and his men.

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