Giant panda in China fakes pregnancy for 'special treatment'

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China: Giant panda fakes pregnancy
Beijing, Aug 30: All expectant mothers love the special treatment meted out to them during their pregnancy and pandas are one breed who can even fake their pregnancy for that special treatment.

Officials at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre in China have called off a live broadcast of Ai Hin, a giant panda giving birth after they realised that Hin had a 'phantom pregnancy.'

Hin exhibited symptoms of pregnancy for two months and was given surplus supply of bun and bamboo in addition to air conditioner. 

According to officials, pandas, who experience phantom pregnancies sometimes notice the better environment and prefer to continue the same. "Some pandas are clever and prefer the better environment to improve the way they live," officials said.

Pandas often experience phantom experiences. Pseudo-pregnant pandas exhibits signs of pregnancy, including a decreased appetite and activity level, as well as some physical changes.

But some pandas like Hin can experience phantom pregnancies so that they can have a luxurious and comfortable living.

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