Germanwings last moment video, a media gimmick or reality?

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Dusseldorf, April 2: As time passes since the dreadful Germanwings tragedy on the French Alps, there are more doubts and mysteries that demand answers. While the co-pilot's motive is just one of them, the existance of the video of the jet's last moments is another.

Now, investigators and media channels believe that the news of the video is just a media gimmick by the Paris Match and the Bild news channels who claim that they have seen the video and describe the horrific last few moments.

In fact, there has been no concrete explanation from the European newspapers regarding their existence, except from the last minute blurry description of helplessness and metallic banging.


Doubts intensified when the French police said that no such video has been recovered from the crash site so far. Meanwhile, criticizing the journalistic ethics of the new age media, experts say that this could well have been a gimmick to draw more viewers and readers, which is commonplace in competitive journalism.

"There is this insatiable desire for instantaneous reporting. We tend to feed the beast in that way, by passing along this stuff before it's been verified, simply because someone else has reported it. I find that really troubling," said Jane E. Kirtley, director of the Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law at the University of Minnesota.

However, they are not ruling out the fact that such a video may exist, but they also say that the public is entitled for more explanation rather than hasty images.

Meanwhile, the lead reporter on the Paris Match claimed that he was one of the many people in his channel who watched the video several times. He made a follow-up article in a question answer format to buttress the allegations. And the reason why the video is not public? because of the anguish.

While the Bild still considers it as a crucial piece of evidence, experts are surprised why the evidence has not yet been handed over to the investigators.

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