Germans were fearing a terror attack, said opinion poll

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Munich, July 23: An opinion poll said before the horrendous shooting in a shopping mall here on Friday (July 22) that more than three-quarters of Germans were expecting a terrorist attack in their country, an opinion piece in Irish Independent said.

"Just hours before the shooting rampage in Munich that killed at least eight people, an opinion poll had revealed the depth of public fear in Germany that the country would be next to endure a terror attack," the piece titled 'Germany is fertile ground for violent extremists' penned by Ben Farmer said.



Ten people, including the teenage gunman, were dead in the tragedy that unfolded in the South German city.

The fear among the people of Germany was accentuated by the recent attacks in Nice in France where a heavy truck was ploughed through Bastille Day revellers or the axe attack on a train in Wurzburg in south-central Germany.

According to the writer, Germany always had the risk of facing violent attacks for it hosts both Islamic and far-right terror groups. He said tension between native and immigrant Germans has been on the rise after the country allowed nearly a million refugees in during the migration crisis of last year and in which the south-eastern border state of Bavaria remained on the front.

The writer also said that while countries like France and Belgium have experienced more terror strikes in recent times, Germany, too, was also vulnerable to such atrocities, thanks to its big size and open borders.

"Just like France and Belgium, Germany has seen significant numbers of its residents join the flow of international jihadists to Iraq and Syria. The most recent figures estimate more than 700 men and women from the country may have left to join extremist groups such as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), and many are likely to have later returned home," he said.

While France has seen a series of attacks in the recent past---the most horrific of which was the attack in Paris last November in which 130 people were killed---Belgian capital Brussels also saw bloodshed in March this year when the city's airport and a metro railway station were attacked, resulting in the death of 35 people.

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