From Trump, Pakistan expected to get some tough love

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Pakistan would have preferred a Hillary Clinton over a Donald Trump. Although these are early days, many feel that Trump is bad news for Pakistan. This is more to do with his statements about terrorism and also his leaning towards India. Only a few days back Trump had said if elected he would be best friends with India. This statement would have caused Pakistan a lot of heart burn.

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At a Republican Hindu Coalition event, Trump said that there is not going to be any relationship more important to us. Trump also went on to say in an interview if necessary he would mediate between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

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Reactions in Pakistan guarded:

Many in Pakistan would have preferred a Hillary Clinton. Although considered a hawk in Pakistan, some feel that it is better to deal with the known devil. Another worry that the Pakistanis have is that Trump is not the traditional Republican. The Republicans have been close to Pakistan in the past, but with Trump it may be different.

Michael Kugelman a senior associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars in Washington, DC says, " the US-Pakistan relationship was destined to be downgraded regardless of who won the election. But with Trump, the relationship could face some very trying times. Trump will have no patience for Pakistan's approach to terror. He is unlikely to support aid without conditions. At best, we could see a lot of tough love from Trump. At worst, we could see an increasingly tense relationship. The US-Pakistan relationship won't collapse under Trump, but it could face unprecedented challenges."

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Another worry for Pakistan would be Trump's pick for secretary of state. His top pick for secretary of state is Newt Gingrich had quoted a study to say that 16 million Pakistanis support the ISIS. This is being seen as some kind of muscle flexing which has Pakistan worried.

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