Now fresh air on sale in China

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Beijing, Mar 22: In a rare and new way to combat pollution, vendors in China have started selling fresh air in plastic bags.

The surprising move started at a popular hiking destination in China's southern Guangdong Province is being loved by trekkers.

China sales fresh air in bag

The bagged-up "fresh air" - can either be taken home to enjoy - or used straight away, reported

The sale proves that it is possible to put a price on fresh air, as the village vendors dressed in traditional garbs set up shop in the mountains of China's southern Guangdong Province.

The fresh air bags also contain flower petals to make the whiff of air even more pleasant than usual.
Residents of major cities in the Pearl River Delta rushed for higher ground with an aim to cleanse their lungs as heavy smog in lower regions of the province have hit them badly.


According to reports, a big bag of fresh air costs 30 renminbi (£3) and small bags for 10 renminbi (£1).

The fresh air bags proved a luxury for the tourists. It is unclear whether the air-for-sale business is considered legal by authorities in China.

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