Fort Hood gunman upset over mother's death, fired over argument

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Fort Hood
Texas, April 5: The U.S soldier Ivan Lopez who gunned down three of his colleagues and injured 16 others in a firing rampage was not in a stable mind frame, official sources say.

Fort Hood base's commander Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, offering a few details about the incident said that Lopez's mental condition was an underlying factor in the firing incident, which rooted in an argument. He, however, refused to discuss the reason for the dispute.

He further added,"There was no premeditated targeting of an individual" although one of the three dead were involved in the argument.

Chris Grey, the spokesman of the Army's Criminal Investigation Command, said that no concrete motive behind the incident can be established.

According to reports, Lopez started firing at the intersection and then entered the nearest buildings firing indiscriminately. He drove to other sections of the base camp and fired at the soldiers there too.

Grey also confirmed that when a military police officer confronted him and fired at him, apparently missing, Lopez pulled the trigger on self. More than 900 people have been interviewed for the same.

Meanwhile, Lopez's father Lopez Sr said that his son was undergoing treatment for depression as he had not been able to cope with his mother's and grandfather's death. He was upset that he was granted a 24-hour leave to attend his mother's funeral, which was later extended to 2 days.

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