For Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, war & blood don't matter

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Damascus, Sept 5: The world might be having sleepless nights on how to stop him. But Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is least bothered about the opponents' plans and is spending relaxed days.

The country has been left in the ruins by a civil war continuing for over two-and-half years now. The people are trying a last-ditch effort to save themselves and their families. While some are looking for more protective shelters before the next firing kills them, those having better deeper pockets have sent their families outside the country. The power supply in the country has been disrupted owing to attacks but all these are having little impact on President Assad.

The Syrian President is confident that the USA will never dethrone him

Recently, the Syrian president said that the crisis could have been resolved through talks at the very beginning but blamed terror outfit al-Qaeda for not taking a peaceful route. The Syrian forces had no other option but to terminate the opponent forces, Assad reportedly said in an interview. He has also blamed foreign powers for instigating whatever has gone wrong in his country.

The man who became the president by accident. The sudden death of his elder brother Basel al-Assad in a car accident in 1994 made him the successor to long-serving ruler Hafez al-Assad. But he never cared to take the country beyond the police state that was groomed by his father during his 29-year rule and continued to cherish power even as the country's economy saw a downfall.

But despite all odds, Assad is confident that the US will succeed little in uprooting him for his opponents are made up of extremists whom Washington doesn't trust.

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