Extraterrestrials make a note; first doughnut launched into space

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London, April 15:  Two Swede brothers in Norway have launched the first doughnut into the edge of space, sending the confectionery 32 km above the surface of the Earth in a weather balloon.

Alexander and Benjamin Jonsson, from Lysekil in Sweden, launched the doughnut from Askim in Norway last week. The doughnut, which had pink icing and sprinkles, reached the edge of space at 32 km above ground level, while every moment of its journey was filmed with an onboard camera, 'The Local' reported.

First doughnut launched into space

The entire flight lasted around 84 minutes from takeoff to splashdown.

"We like to do odd things and this felt very different," Alexander told Swedish public radio P4 Vast. "It was really fun to watch the video for the first time. We could see the doughnut hovering above the Earth," he said.

The two brothers launched their craft from Askim, as it was much cheaper to get the necessary flying permits.

A few hours after the launch, the vessel crash-landed in Lake Vattern, Sweden, where volunteers from a search-and-rescue groups salvaged the wreckage of the air balloon and the soggy remains of the doughnut.


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