Final Presidential Debate: Will Trump, Clinton, be able to set aside their personal grudges?

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Washington, Oct 19 The stage is set for the final US presidential debate, the last opportunity for the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, to save his "floundering" campaign.


The third and final presidential debate is scheduled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Wednesday evening (9PM US timing)

A lot is at stake for Trump as the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, has managed to garner handsome leads in most of the national polls.

Please have some policy discussion

Echoing the sentiments of the voters of the United States, an article by CNBC wondered if the final debate will be different than the first two, where candidates were mostly engaged in personal attacks.

This time everyone wants to see the two candidates engaging in some policy discussion.

Details about the debate

To know in depth about the debate, its format, timings and other vignettes read this article by the Mirror.

"The final debate will have the same format as the first - with six fifteen-minute segments. The moderator will be Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace," writes the Mirror.

When will Trump stop whining?

As Trump continued "grumbling" about "rigged" elections, President Barack Obama took a jibe at the Republican presidential nominee. Obama asked Trump to stop "whining" and trying to discredit the election", writes The New York Times.

Trump continues attacking

Who can stop Trump? Not even Obama, as Trump continued with his attack against Clinton. This is what he posted on Twitter:

Clinton too attacked her opponent on Twitter.

Here are a few tweets:

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