Fatwa gets back on women again: Muslims may now have 'wife's flesh' for food

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Riyadh, April 10: The Saudi Mufti is known for taking decisions that go well against the rights of women, true. But this time, the Fatwa announced by him has crossed all limits. According to the Jerusalem Post, Saudi Arabia's highest religious authority has said that a Muslim can now eat the body parts of his wife if he is really hungry and is starving to death.

The 'logic' behind the Fatwa is even more bizarre. Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said that this act would show how much women respect their husbands and obey them and wish to be a part of their flesh.


This shocked not only the entire world, but also the people in Saudi Arabia who immediately took to the social media and abhor the Fatwa. Meanwhile, a tug of war has started between the Saudi media and the Iranian Media when the former accused the latter for fabricating the Fatwa, ascertaining that it was not posted on the official website.

The Sheikh is known for his controversial fatwas in the past, which included permitting the marriage of girls below 15 years of age. It is to be noted that Saudi Arabia follows the ultra conservative Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam.

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