EgyptAir black boxes signals detected

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Cairo, June 2: A French search vehicle has picked up signals from what appears to be the black boxes of the doomed EgyptAir flight MS804.

If proved right, this would be a potential breakthrough in efforts to uncover why it plunged into the Mediterranean sea last month. Search teams are working round the clock to find the flight recorders, which could throw some light on the last minute details of the flight.


Investigators have been rendered clueless as the plane did not show any signs of technical problems while leaving from Paris. There was no distress call to air traffic control too. There has been no claim of responsibility behind the crash.

However, the jet transmitted a series of messages in the minutes before it crashed into the sea. The messages indicated a rise in temperature at the co-pilot's window and smoke on board. Nevertheless, investigators say these hardly shed any light on the cause.

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There are certain confusions regarding the last minutes of the crash. The EgyptAir's chief said that the plane disappeared suddenly from the radar while cruising at an altitude of 37,000 feet.

Helping with the search of the black boxes is French naval vessel Laplace, which will be arriving at the investigating area within a week. Meanwhile, tourism experts believe that the crash has added to the apprehensions of tourists on this route, tourism targets for the country have taken a beating.

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Before the fake suicide hijack in March, a Russian plane carrying holidaymakers from a Red Sea resort crashed in Sinai in October. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for its downing.

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