Effect of Nepal earthquake: Has Kathmandu been shifted towards south?

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Kathmandu, April 28: The devastating earthquake that left over 4,000 dead in Nepal and left the country in a mess has even shifted the capital city of Kathmandu by upto several metres South. The height of Mount Everest has not been affected, experts said on Tuesday. [8 million people affected by Nepal earthquake, says UN]

On Sunday, Nepal experienced its worst-ever earthquake in 80 years, resulting in huge loss in human life and property. [5 reasons why Nepal failed to deal with the quake]

Nepal quake: Has Kathmandu been shifted?

University of Cambridge tectonics expert James Jackson said according to seismological data, the ground beneath Kathmandu might have moved about three metres southward, a Guardian report said. [Updates on Nepal quake]

Sandy Steacy, head of physical sciences at the University of Adelaide backed Jackson's theory.

Mark Allen, who works in the department of earth sciences at the University of Durham in the UK said the plate on top of the fault moved southwards over the plate below, shortening the earth's crust in the region, the report said.

The height of the Mount Everest was spared, however. Steacy said while the main slip happened to the west of Everest, the mountain was not directly above the fault plane.

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