Donald Trump wants to speak to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

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Washington, May 18: Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has said that he is willing to talk to North Korean leader Kin Jong-un---marking a sharp departure from the current US policy towards the hermit kingdom.

Speaking to the Reuters in an exclusive interview on Tuesday (May 17), Trump said he would talk to Kim to dissuade him from going forward with the nuclear programme---something which has emerged as a serious security concern for the international community.

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Trump though said that he has no problems speaking with Kim but he also added that he would put more pressure on the Chinese to put pressure on the North Koreans in turn to change their ways.

"At the same time I would put a lot of pressure on China because economically we have tremendous power over China," he said in the interview which was held at the 26th floor of the Trump Tower in Manhattan. He said China could solve that problem with one meeting or a phone call.

Trump, however, refused to share any further details on his plans on North Korea. He also sought a rejuvenation of the Paris Climate Accord and disapproved of Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions in eastern Ukraine. He also proposed dismantling most of the US Dodd-Frank financial regulations if he is elected as the president, the Reuters report said.

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