Donald Trump's campaign has spent more on hats than on polling!

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Washington, Oct 26: Donald Trump's election campaign has spent more on hats than on polling, shelling out a whopping USD 3.2 million on his signature 'Make America Great Again' headgear.

According to the Federal Election Commission filings, Trump's presidential campaign has spent USD 1.8 million on polling from June 2015 through to September this year. The report lists USD 3.2 million spent on hats, The Washington Post reported.

Overall, Trump's spent about USD 15.3 million on collateral -- shirts, hats, signs, etc. —- more than he has spent on field consulting and voter lists and data. He has spent at least twice as much on collateral as he has on payroll.

In one apparent concession to the traditions of running a political campaign, Trump has spent more on ads. The majority of his recent spending was on ads. Nothing encapsulates Trump's primary and general election campaigns more neatly than his spending on collateral generally, and hats specifically, the report said.

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His spending on polling was reported only in the last two months, a period that overlapped with his hiring Kellyanne Conway, a pollster, as his campaign manager.

She has tried to get Trump's campaign to look more like a traditional one, with mixed success. But Trump has still spent more on hats than polls and more on collateral than get-out-the-vote tools.


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