Donald Trump a 'loser', says Jeb Bush

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Washington, Feb 8: US presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush has termed Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump a "loser."

"It's a sign of weakness when you make fun of the disabled," Bush said. "What kind of man would do that? You do not want that man as president of the United States, I can promise you that. ... it's a sign of real weakness when you call John McCain or Leo Thorsness or anybody else that is a POW, who served this country in a way that should be admired, American heroes. Calling them losers? Donald Trump, you're the loser!"

Donald Trump a 'loser': Jeb Bush

"On Day One, I will not blame Barack Obama for anything," Bush said. "I got sick and tired of hearing him blame my brother and I will never do it to him," reported the CNN.

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Donald Trump also accused Bush as being the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry and dismissed his chance of becoming president.

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