Dhaka attack: The writing was on the wall

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Dhaka/New Delhi, July 2: The writing was on the wall. Bangladesh faced for the first time faced a hostage crisis by a terrorist group when eight men carrying fire arms, bombs and swords stormed the Holey Artisan bakery and engaged in a battle with security forces. [Bangladesh's political class should show more maturity in handling terror]

The incident that occurred at a popular haunt for foreigners left two policemen dead. Bangladesh has been witnessing a spate of attacks on minorities and in the past few months terrorist groups have been issuing warnings. The ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack. [Kolkata put on high alert]

'The idea is to liberate Bangladesh from disbelievers'

An issue of the Dabiq magazine a mouth piece of the ISIS carried an interview of Abu Ibrahim al-Hanif who is the emir of the ISIS in Bangladesh. In the interview he speaks about the launch of a massive offensive against Bangladesh and India. [What India's dossier to Bangladesh had said]


He says in the interview that the idea is to liberate India and Bangladesh from the disbelievers or the mushikirins.

Hanif spelt out the plan that they have for the sub-continent. This man who is the head of the ISIS in this part of the world says that they are training fighters both in Bangladesh as well as Pakistan to launch a fidayeen or suicide attack on Indian soil. He also states that they would be taking the help of the local mujahideen or fighters in India.

The intention is to rid the sub-continent of the mushikirins. The Hindus in India have been waging a war against Muslims and Islam. He says that the Hindus in India have been showing their animosity openly against the Muslims in India. There are Muslims in Bangladesh as well and while they too have an animosity against Islam, they do not show it openly. We will implement the rule of Sharia in India and Bangladesh. Until the law of Sharia is imposed we will not rest in peace. We will target Hindus in large numbers, the emir of the ISIS also goes on to state he had further said.

The worry for India:

The NIA which probed an ISIS module in India said that they had found a trail to Bangladesh. The NIA had learnt that the handler and some of this associates may have moved into Bangladesh.

The module was in touch with a cartel in West Bengal in a bid to buy arms and ammunition, the investigators had found. There have been growing concerns about the rise of the ISIS in Bangladesh and we suspect that these members could have been in touch with some of them, NIA officials stated.
Officials in India had repeatedly said that groups such as the ISIS and the al-Qaeda in the sub-continent would make their way into this part of the world through Bangladesh.

There has been chatter by the operatives for long now which suggested that they were planning a major strike in Bangladesh.

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