Dhaka attack: One of the gunman studied in Malaysia, belonged to a rich family

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Dhaka, July 4: In the aftermath of the deadly attack on a cafe in Dhaka on July 1, that killed 20 foreigners, it has now emerged that one of the attackers was a student at an expensive college in Malaysia.

While six terrorists were gunned down by police officials during the rescue operations, one was captured alive.

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Dhaka attacker studied in Malaysia

Terrorism observer group SITE released images of the attackers on Saturday and one of them has been identified as Nibras Islam. As soon as Bangladeshi officials released images of the attackers, the images were widely circulated on social media and several people identified Nibras.

Nibras belonged to a rich family

Nibras is said to have studied in an English school in Bangladesh and then enrolled for Monash University in Malayasia and Northsouth University in Dhaka.

One look at his Facebook profile, which was taken down later, gives the glimpse of the lifestlye he lead; images of him with his friends and enjoying life like any other youngster. Nibras was also said to be a good football player.

Friends of Nibras said that he was never violent and was not outwardly religious either.

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Bangladeshi media identifies Islam

Although authorities did not officially release the name of the attackers, Bangladeshi newspaper Dhaka Tribune identified Islam and stated that his name on the police photo was 'Badhon'.

ISIS claimed responsibility and released pictures of the attackers holding a gun stating that they were the ones behind the attack. These pictures tallied with the ones released by the officials.

Even though there are several links that Nibras was one of the attackers, Bangaldeshi officials are tight lipped about the same. Though their official names have not been released, Bangladesh home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, however, had admitted that the terrorists were "from rich families" and had "good educational background".

Monash University meets Malaysian authorities

In a press release, Monash Univeristy said that it met with Malaysian authorities and have offered complete help in the investigations. The univeristy however said it has not received on any confirmation on the indentity of any of the attackers.

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