Dawood Ibrahim's new location found in Pakistan

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Islamabad, May 20: The tracking of Dawood Ibrahim is now being handled by a fresh team. There have been some successful attempts that this new team has made and the last location of Dawood Ibrahim has been traced down to the Murree Road which is also known as the Benazir Bhutto Road in Pakistan.

It appears that he has been moved into a safe house on the Murree road after his Karachi address was tracked down by the Intelligence Bureau officials.

Dawood Ibrahim's new location found

He is being moved around several times within Pakistan, an intelligence bureau official informed OneIndia. [Dawood Ibrahim: A brand new start]

Dawood's new safehouse:

The new safehouse which is on Murree Road falls in between Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is once again a plush area in which Dawood lives in, the intelligence on him suggests. This is relatively a new location and is heavily guarded as was in the case of his earlier hideouts as well.

Pakistan has not made any attempt to move Dawood out of the country as it is highly unsafe at the moment. They will keep shuttling him between Karachi and Muree road depending on how much the intelligence is able to generate on him.

India gets cracking on Dawood's properties:

In India, there is a fresh initiative launched to seize all properties which Dawood owns in benami or fake names. The operation would focus on choking his finances and make him irrelevant to the ISI. [Why the Iqbal Mirchi probe will hurt Dawood Ibrahim?]

The ISI has held on to Dawood only because he is a major funder for their terrorist activities. He coughs of 30 per cent of his income every year in exchange for protection. India feels that by seizing his properties and more importantly choking his drug route, they will be able to create a dent in his income.

In addition to this a fresh notice will be given to the Interpol to keep a tab on his movements. Pakistan will not move him out of their country as there is a fresh alert against him. Keeping him in Pakistan and moving him between the safe houses is the best bet for them for now, IB officials also point out.

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